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Send a Little Bit of Texas…..



Nothing says Texas quite like pecans and spice!

Killer Pecans have both!  

Great gifts for the holidays or any occasion!








Duo Tin

Best of Both!

For those who cannot choose between savory and sweet - this tin has it all! 8 oz of Killer Pecans and 10 oz of Milk Chocolate Dipped Killer Pecans - both under the same lid!

Pecan Sampler

Going Nuts!

A sample of all four of our delicious recipes, the Pecan Sampler includes: 4 oz Killer Pecans, 4 oz Smokin' Pecans, 5 oz Milk Chocolate Dipped Killer Pecans, 5 oz Dark Chocolate Dipped Killer Pecans.

Killer Pecan Shortbread 2 dz tin

For the Cookie Lover

Don't forget to leave some for Santa! Light, crispy, sweet and spicy, Killer Pecan Shortbread Cookies are loved by all and perfect for any occasion!

Sweet Trio Dark Chocolate

Pecans & DARK Chocolate!

Pecan lovers will devour this gift which includes both 8 oz Killer and 8 oz Smokin' Pecans as well as our NEW 10 Dark Chocolate Killer Pecan Tin.

Deluxe Sampler

A Taste Sensation

Our Deluxe Sampler includes: 4 oz Killer Pecans, 4 oz Smokin' Pecans, 5 oz Milk Chocolate Dipped Killer Pecans, 5 oz Dark Chocolate Dipped Killer Pecans, 8 Killer Pecan Shortbread Cookies and 1.5 oz bag Killer Spice Rub

Cookie Combo

Keep it Simple!

This box is sure to please the cookie lovers' taste buds! Includes an 8 oz bag of Killer Pecans, and 8 delicious Killer Pecan Shortbread Cookies.

Killer & Smokin' Pecans are made deep in the heart of Texas using only the finest mammoth pecan halves.

Killer Pecans

Our #1 Seller! You'll love their addictive flavor, so crisp and delicious, sweet and spicy with a kick!

Smokin' Pecans

For the BBQ lover!  Smokin' Pecans are based on an old Brown Family recipe. Milder than our Killer Pecans, they deliver just the right mix of spice and barbeque sweetness!

Killer Pecan Pie

Make your traditional pecan pie something to remember this year!

For the Pie Crust

1 1/4 cup All Purpose Flour

1/4 tsp. Kosher Salt

1/2 cup Cold Butter

1/4 cup Ice Water


1.  Combine the flour and salt in the bowl of an electric mixer with the paddle attachment.

2.  Dice the butter into 1/2" cubes.  Add to the flour and mix until the butter is broken down into small pieces about the size of peas.

3.  Add cold water and mix just until combined.  Do not over mix or your pie dough will be tough!

4.  Refrigerate for 1 hour, then roll the dough to fit a 9" pie pan.  Flute the edges then put the crust in the freezer while you make the filling.


See this recipe and more!


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